Harbuzel – small striped watermelon or a pair of gifted little lippy creatives from Romania.

Hello! I’m Dan “Grandnephew” Stanescu, senior copywriter, 28 years old. I was born in Galati but relocated to Bucharest to work in advertising. After one year of copywriting in a local PR agency, I moved to Graffiti BBDO. Here, I met Cosmin Simionescu, we teamed up and began work on some of the agency’s biggest accounts. We headed the creative direction for Pepsi’s Mountain Dew brand for 4 years while winning national and international awards with campaigns that spanned across all media. In 2010 I took a one year sabbatical to visit SE Asia and returned in 2011 to work with Propaganda as senior copywriter. For the last 6 months I’ve headed the copywriting department, helping writers to develop their craft.

Hi! I’m Cosmin “Cosmik” Simionescu, senior art director, 32 years old. I was born in Buzau but moved to Bucharest to study at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest. After two years work in small design studios, I joined Graffiti BBDO where I met Dan Stanescu. Together we won the pitch for the Snickers Balkan account while working in Warsaw with BBDO Poland and then worked with AMV BBDO in London on the Snickers European account. In 2011 I moved to Moscow and continued work in the BBDO network as senior art director. While in Russia, I won the Google account and developed 360 campaigns for Whiskas, Pedigree, Snickers, Twix and M&Ms. In September 2012, I teamed up again with Dan Stanescu and now we’re ready for the next one.

Thank you for checking out our website. Hope you enjoyed the work. If you think you’d like to meet “harbuzel”, the small stripped watermelon would most definitely like to meet you. Drop a line, light a flare or just call us using the contact info.